Secret of healthy Relationship

Diamond and flowers not always keeps your relation warm. Space and intimacy that you give each other keeps your relation healthy and warm.

When relationship starts, couples like each other’s small things also but with time they start ignoring those small things.

Secrets that keep your relationship healthy

1. Appreciate your partner– Always appreciate your partner for small things he/she done for you. Appreciate him/her for small personal achievements and encourage for future. your praise on small things is act as reminder that you love him/her.

2. Care for your partner– Make your partner always feel that how much you care about him/her. He/she feel comfortable with you in sharing each and every small problem and issue.

3. Listen– For any relationship to go smooth listening play important role. You have to listen carefully what your partner is talking about and you have to respond accordingly. if you not listen your partner he/she feel ignorant and it affect your relation.

4. Fulfill your promises– Failure to keep your words destroy unity and trust in relationship. always try to keep fulfill your small promises.

5. Spend quality time– How much busy you are? but you need to spend some quality time with your partner, share some love moments from past, go for dinner, do things of your partner choice etc.

6. Share common Interest/Passion– respect each others passion like if your partner like cricket spend time with him for watching cricket and similarly your partner like shopping go for shopping with her. It creates a sense of respect of each other liking.

7. Do love whenever/ wherever possible- Always spend some time for personal moments. Small small things like kiss each other, hug each other and intimacy play important role in healthy relationship. love is only thing because of which couples can spend their whole life with each other.

Keeping relationship healthy is very easy but because of work pressure, race of earning we ignore these small things and it destroy relations.

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